SQL SERVER – UDF – Function to Convert Text String to Title Case – Proper Case

Following function will convert any string to Title Case. I have this function for long time. I do not remember that if I wrote it myself or I modified from original source. Run Following T-SQL statement in query analyzer: SELECT dbo.udf_TitleCase('This function will convert this string to title case!') The…
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SQL SERVER – Query Analyzer Shortcuts

Download Query Analyzer Shortcuts (PDF) Shortcut Function Shortcut Function ALT+BREAK Cancel a query CTRL+SHIFT+F2 Clear all bookmarks ALT+F1 Database object information CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT Insert a template ALT+F4 Exit CTRL+SHIFT+L Make selection lowercase CTRL+A Select all CTRL+SHIFT+M Replace template parameters CTRL+B Move the splitter CTRL+SHIFT+P Open CTRL+C Copy CTRL+SHIFT+R Remove comment CTRL+D…
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SQL SERVER – Query to find number Rows, Columns, ByteSize for each table in the current database – Find Biggest Table in Database

USE DatabaseName GO CREATE TABLE #temp ( table_name sysname , row_count INT, reserved_size VARCHAR(50), data_size VARCHAR(50), index_size VARCHAR(50), unused_size VARCHAR(50)) SET NOCOUNT ON INSERT #temp EXEC sp_msforeachtable 'sp_spaceused ''?''' SELECT a.table_name, a.row_count, COUNT(*) AS col_count, a.data_size FROM #temp a INNER JOIN information_schema.columns b ON a.table_name collate database_default = b.table_name collate…
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