SQL SERVER – NorthWind Database or AdventureWorks Database – Samples Databases

SQL Server 2005 does not install sample databases by default due to security reasons.I have received many questions regarding where is sample database in SQL Server 2005. One can install it afterward. AdventureWorks and AdvetureWorksDS are the new sample databases for SQL Server 2005, they can be download from here. Let us learn how to install NorthWind Database – samples databases. 

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SQL SERVER – 2005 Comparison EXCEPT operator vs. NOT IN

The EXCEPT operator returns all of the distinct rows from the query to the left of the EXCEPT operator when there are no matching rows in the right query. The EXCEPT operator is equivalent of the Left Anti Semi Join. EXCEPT operator works the same way NOT IN. EXCEPTS returns any distinct values from the query to the left of the EXCEPT operand that do not also return from the right query.

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SQL SERVER – SQL Joke, SQL Humor, SQL Laugh – T-Shirt

My friend sent me this in an email two days ago as he wanted me to have SQLAuthority T-Shirt with this image. I found it funny, I am not sure if I will have this on SQLAuthority T-Shirts. Please pay attention to the options available to select. I spend more than 3 hours to find the original source as my friend did not remember the source. Let’s see some SQL Humor here:

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