MySQL Administration – Video Course

MySQL Administration - Video Course MySQLAdministration-800x533 I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my 52nd course on Pluralsight – “MySQL Administration.” Having the opportunity to create this course was an amazing experience that allowed me to share my in-depth knowledge of MySQL administration and management. With over two decades of working closely with clients leveraging MySQL in various environments, I’ve accumulated extensive real-world insights that I’m excited to impart through this course.

MySQL Administration

As MySQL continues to be a popular open-source database, properly administering and managing it is critical for optimal performance and reliability. This course covers core MySQL administration topics, including installation, configuration, user management, performance monitoring, query optimization, high availability, and more.

Overview of the Course

Through 5 modules packed with demos, you’ll gain practical skills for administering MySQL databases like a pro.

Module 1 – Introduction
Here we quickly introduce the course to the audience.

Module 2 – Exploring Core MySQL Administration
This module provides an essential introduction to MySQL administration. We’ll walk through MySQL architecture, installation, and configuration. You’ll gain practical experience with MySQL command-line tools and utilities through hands-on demos. By the end, you’ll have core knowledge for administering MySQL databases.

Module 3 – Optimizing, Tuning, and Monitoring Performance
In this module, we dive into optimizing MySQL performance. You’ll learn expert techniques for tuning and monitoring queries, indexes, and server configuration. Through interactive demos, you’ll measure MySQL performance and leverage functions and operators to optimize. You’ll gain skills to analyze and enhance performance.

Module 4 – Securing and Protecting MySQL
This module covers critical security aspects like access control, backups, and recovery. Demos will showcase implementing user privileges, managing accounts, and exploring backup methods. You’ll understand how to properly secure and protect MySQL from threats and avoid data loss.

Module 5 – Advanced Administration Techniques and Scaling Solutions
Finally, we explore advanced administration like utilizing the data dictionary, partitioning, and high availability. You’ll evaluate partitioning for performance gains and design highly available architectures for scalability. This module prepares you for real-world, large-scale MySQL administration.

With the skills from this course, you’ll be able to confidently handle MySQL admin tasks like installation, configuration, user management, performance tuning, high availability, backups, and more. Master MySQL now with this course!

You will need a Pluralsight subscription to enroll in this course. You can also access it by starting a free trial. Here is the link – MySQL Administration.

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