Monitoring Data on Cloud and Optimizing Queries for MySQL

I often get lots of questions from my client about how to do monitoring of MySQL Database on the Cloud and also optimize queries in real-time. Well, the answer to the same is a very simple SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL, which help us in monitoring data.

Monitoring Data on Cloud and Optimizing Queries for MySQL SQL-Diagnostic

Many of my clients are using SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL for the primary following reasons to monitor data.

  • Real-time monitoring data
  • Performance issues resolution under production workload
  • Life Cycle Management of queries (Monitor, Alert, Kill Deadlocks)
  • Monitoring OS-level file size monitoring
  • Finding long-running queries based on execution time
  • Monitoring across multiple cloud platforms

The particular feature I want to talk more about is the support on the cloud. The biggest fear of organizations moving to the cloud is usually a lack of monitoring tools on the cloud. It is quite easy to monitor the aspect or vitals of the cloud by tools provided by the cloud platform. However, it is always challenging to monitor the application which is deployed on the cloud.

Here are some key reasons I prefer to use SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL on Cloud.

  • Easy installation on Cloud VM – Azure or EC2
  • Managing mapped cloud network drives
  • Monitoring managed MySQL Cloud database
  • Hybrid environments in a single interface

I really like to monitor my multiplatform cloud environment along with my on-premises installation of applications in a single environment so I can easily compare their performance and monitor them in a single view.

If you are interested, I suggest you try out the tool SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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