Snowflake – Query Result from Cache or Disk

Yesterday I shared my experience with Snowflake – Stored Procedure Template in JavaScript and a lot of people liked it. Many asked for another tip on a similar topic. Well, let me share another thing which I learned recently on Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, The topic is how to identify on the Snowflake platform if the query result is from cache or disk. Well, it is straightforward to learn.

First login into the Snowflake portal. Over here go to the option History on the top right part and click on it.

Here you will see a list of queries. Click on the query of which you want to see the status. If you see something as following that means the query is coming from the cache. The operator Query Result Reuse itself says that the actual query did not run at all.

However, if you see query structure and various SQL operators as displayed in the following image, that means actually query has run and retrieved the necessary data to be displayed on the screen.

This is very little detail but very helpful in the case of performance tuning. Even though the query is very complex, once it is cached, the result is displayed very quickly.

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