Neutralize Troublesome SQL Server Indexes – Fun Stories & Demos – Video

Lots of people often ask, why I am not creating long videos. Well, I often do that for my clients of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. Let me share a video that I had recorded for SQLPASS. This video is hosted on SQLPASS youtube channel: Neutralize Troublesome SQL Server Indexes – Fun Stories & Demos. If you like this video, do not forget to subscribe to my channel SQL in Sixty Seconds video.

If you want free SQL Server Performance Tuning scripts, you can subscribe over here. I also share some fun stories with my readers via this blog. As comments are disabled on the original video, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask me that over here and I will be happy to help.

Let me know if you are interested to know more about this topic and I will write more blogs as well as create an SQL in Sixty Seconds video.

Here are my few recent videos and I would like to know what is your feedback about them.

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