SQL SERVER – Multiple Miscellaneous Option – Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team

Earlier, I wrote a blog about fixing one of the issues which I reported to Microsoft. In this blog, I would share another issue that I reported via my blog and it got fixed in the latest release. SQL SERVER – Scrollbar in the Middle – Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team. Today we will talk about Multiple Miscellaneous Option – Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team. I would like to say this is indeed the Impact of SQLAuthority and the impact of all of you readers.

Here is the original blog where I complained about having two Miscellaneous categories in database properties. SQL SERVER – SSMS 17.7 Observation – Two Miscellaneous Category in Database Property Options.

Interestingly enough, Shueybubbles replied – “it’s just a bug introduced when we enabled that UI to be shown for Azure SQL DB. thanx for the notice!” (refer here)

Recently, I realized that this has been fixed and also called out in release notes of the SSMS 18.5 version.

Here are the database properties > Options in SSMS 18.5

I feel so happy that this is fixed! I must say that SSMS team folks at Microsoft are indeed listening to feedbacks and most importantly working on fixing them. At the same time, I also feel sad because this was one of my favorite jokes about SSMS and it is no longer available there. But I am sure I would find something else and life would go on.

Have you reported any issue which is fixed by SQL Team @ Microsoft? Please go ahead and leave your feedback in the comments section. I am very confident that readers of this blog would like to read more about the impact which we are creating for the product we love the most.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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  • Dominic Wirth
    April 16, 2020 10:31 am

    They had better fixed the Database Diagram crash bug or added T-SQL Debugger :-(

  • Did they fix the bugs simply because they knew you are a famous SQL Server blogger with some reputation ? I am pretty sure if the bugs were reported by someone else they may not get fixed so quickly.

    • Let me say that they fixed it because they want to fix it and make sure that people are happy.

  • Naomi Nosonovsky
    April 16, 2020 10:51 pm

    I think the new “Generating script” dialog makes it slower than it used to be. Nice interface but we pay performance wise, in my opinion

  • I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and humility of the docs.Microsoft.com tSQL Reference team.

    Some folks on the team have decades of experience developing the SQL Server engine and tSQL language, but they are not above accepting corrections, criticism, and notes on how the doc is maintained.

    I recently created a GitHub account to provide feedback to a BOL article. With a zero reputation score, I still got a timely reply that included some background info on the problem in question and screenshots of how to ameliorate the impact. Since then I’ve submitted requests for minor corrections and each time I’ve received informative replies and/or a promise to issue the correction.

    Now if only I knew how to send feedback to the intellisense team… :)

  • Barbara Cooper
    May 13, 2020 10:04 pm

    I noticed that with 18.5 it now generates a script with every view I alter. I have tried in vain to turn this off. I find it slows me down and since I view and alter views for reports and forms on a regular basis, I find this to be a giant bottleneck.


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