SQL SERVER – Scrollbar in the Middle – Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team

I recently installed the latest version of the SQL Server Management Studio for one of my demo sessions. While preparing for it I realized that one of the things for which I used to make fun of SSMS is no longer available.  Today we will talk about Scrollbar in the Middle – Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team. I would like to say this is indeed the Impact of SQLAuthority and the impact of all of you readers.

SQL SERVER - Scrollbar in the Middle - Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team Scrollbar-800x304

Those who have attended one of my sessions in the SQL Bangalore User Group meeting long ago might remember this. I also talk about this issue in my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

Here is the issue: Whenever you open the database properties window and go to the Options tab, there is a grid having “Other options” which has a scrollbar and it always starts from the middle.

I never found a good reason why a scrollbar should be in the middle to start with. To check Auto Statistics and another Auto setting, I need to scroll up.

I guess someone from Microsoft must have seen me making a joke about the scrollbar and must have reported it to the product group. When I installed the latest version (SSMS 18.5) to check, I found that it now starts from the top, as shown below.

I investigated the release notes and indeed its mentioned in the release notes. This is what I found under “Bug fixes in 18.5

I must say that Microsoft SQL Team has eyes and ears in the field to capture feedback and they are also fixing what is incorrect. This was just a cosmetic change, but they are making sure to make such changes. I am impressed!

Have you reported any issue which is fixed by SQL Team @ Microsoft? Please go ahead and leave your feedback in the comments section. I am very confident that readers of this blog would like to read more about the impact which we are creating for the product we love the most.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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