SQL SERVER – Scrollbar in the Middle – Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team

I recently installed the latest version of the SQL Server Management Studio for one of my demo sessions. While preparing for it I realized that one of the things for which I used to make fun of SSMS is no longer available.  Today we will talk about Scrollbar in the Middle – Bugs Fixed by SSMS Team. I would like to say this is indeed the Impact of SQLAuthority and the impact of all of you readers.

Those who have attended one of my sessions in the SQL Bangalore User Group meeting long ago might remember this. I also talk about this issue in my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

Here is the issue: Whenever you open the database properties window and go to the Options tab, there is a grid having “Other options” which has a scrollbar and it always starts from the middle.

I never found a good reason why a scrollbar should be in the middle to start with. To check Auto Statistics and another Auto setting, I need to scroll up.

I guess someone from Microsoft must have seen me making a joke about the scrollbar and must have reported it to the product group. When I installed the latest version (SSMS 18.5) to check, I found that it now starts from the top, as shown below.

I investigated the release notes and indeed its mentioned in the release notes. This is what I found under “Bug fixes in 18.5

I must say that Microsoft SQL Team has eyes and ears in the field to capture feedback and they are also fixing what is incorrect. This was just a cosmetic change, but they are making sure to make such changes. I am impressed!

Have you reported any issue which is fixed by SQL Team @ Microsoft? Please go ahead and leave your feedback in the comments section. I am very confident that readers of this blog would like to read more about the impact which we are creating for the product we love the most.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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