Recorded Class : Buy One Get One – SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE

This is a special offer to everyone who has been writing to me to give a discount on my recorded class SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE. Well, here is good news. This is an offer of buy one get one for everyone who buys the class in the next 7 days or till June 2nd, 2019 ends.

Recorded Class : Buy One Get One - SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop for EVERYONE consultation

This class is built on my most popular content which I have been delivering for many years. I offer very limited training class every year. However, there is a huge demand for this workshop as it contains around 3 hours and 49 minutes of unique content which is considered as absolutely Trade Secret for SQL Server Performance Tuning Consultant.

On the popular demand of everyone, I am going to make this class available for everyone for Instant Learning. Here is the video recording of the class, at your own comfort you can now watch it from office, home or on mobile during your daily commute.

Buy One Get One

It is not your usual buy 1 and get 1 but rather extremely helpful deal. When you purchase the class at full price Register to Receive Password and Scripts. You get 1 month of access the class and on the top of it, you get 1 hour of FREE personalized consultation (worth USD 500) where you can connect with me via an online meeting in the next 30 days and ask me any questions about the class or about your SQL Server’s performance. If you prefer, during the hour, I can also help you do mini-health check of your system.

Remember: This is just a one time offer and you have 7 days to avail this offer. If you miss learning my trade secrets to improve your SQL Server’s Performance, it will be something you may regret as I will be unable to offer your this again in the near future.


Here is how you can register for this class:

  • Signup for the Class Here
  • You will get instant confirmation of the payment
  • Within 8 hours you will get personalized access to the class
  • In a separate email, you will get an invitation to connect for 1 hour of free consultation

Please note that though the training is a single person training, during 1:1 free consultation hour, you can also invite your teammates for discussion.

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