SQL SERVER – Fix: The Cluster Resource Could not be Deleted Since it is a Core Resource

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Working with SQL Server is fun. Since SQL Clustering, and AlwaysOn availability group needs Windows Clustering so sometimes there are some cluster issues which I have to deal with and fix. Let us learn about an error related to core resource.

Recently, one of my client did some changes to the cluster and wanted to change file share witness to the new share. So they modified file share witness and after that they started seeing two file share resources in cluster core resources. When they tried deleting the unused one, we got below error.

If we press Ctrl+C on the message, we can paste it and will get below.

[Window Title] Error
[Main Instruction] The operation has failed
[Content] The cluster resource could not be deleted since it is a core resource.
[^] Hide Details [OK] [Expanded Information] Error Code: 0x800713a2
The cluster resource could not be deleted since it is a core resource.

I was not able to reproduce the error in my lab. When I provide a new share name, old one gets removed automatically, but that was not the case when my client faced it.


In this case the solution was not hard. We ran “Quorum Configuration Wizard” and modified the quorum model from “Node and File Share Majority” to “Node Majority”. As soon as we did that, both file shares disappeared from the failover cluster manager. Later we changed the quorum model back to “Node and File Share Majority” and selected the share with we needed for witness.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • I was able to reproduce one of my client had the same issue. To repeat the issue:
    1. Create a valid file share
    2. Remove the fileshare folder on other server
    3. Try to remove the fileshare on Failover Cluster console. It would post the error in article.

    Solution is the what stated in article: just re run Quorum Wizard and choose node majority. Then The fileshare would be gone. Then added it back.


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