How to Find Missing SQL Server Configuration Manager? – Interview Question of the Week #089

Question: I just installed the latest version of SQL Server and now I am not able to find SQL Server Configuration Manager. What should I do?

Answer: I just happen to participate in the interview question panel recently. When this question was brought up by one of the interviewer, I suggested that it should not be included. I believe this question is not fair to users. First of all – not everyone knows everything and there are some questions which should be just good for Google and they should not be asked in an interview. After long argument, I was able to convince the interviewer to remove this from grading the candidate, however, they still wanted to ask in the interview. Well, some battles we win and some we lose, I finally let settle at the midway. Now let us see the answer of this question.

Well, after SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Configuration Manager is no more available in the start menu as an individual program. It no more stands alone as it used to be previously. It is available via search or via run in Windows.

Here is what you should do if you are looking for SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Go to Search in Windows and type following based on the version of SQL Server.

How to Find Missing SQL Server Configuration Manager? - Interview Question of the Week #089 configmanager

SQL Server 2008 SQLServerManager10.msc
SQL Server 2012 SQLServerManager11.msc
SQL Server 2014 SQLServerManager12.msc
SQL Server 2016 SQLServerManager13.msc

Once you enter commands in the search engine it will bring up the configuration manager. You can click on it and it will open SQL Server Configuration Manager.

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  • SQL Server Configuration Manager is up to today still present in the Start Menu.

    • That is great to hear. However, in my test, I could not find it on Windows 10 with SQL Server 2016

      • So please Brother, please let me know, where can I find the start menu on SQL Server 2012.,Because I can’t Find It. Thank you for your Help.

  • Config manager has been present ever since SQL 2008 on the start menus in all OS version higher than Windows 2000 and higher than Windows XP, which is pretty much everything. But in the rare occasion that it is not available any longer, your advice works. Thanks.

  • On windows 10 Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Computer Management >> Services and application >> SQL Server Configuration Manager

  • What if it does not show up in a search or is not available in the computer management app? does not seem to be anywhere in my computer. (windows 10, sql server 16 fresh install)

  • Luc Ippersiel
    June 11, 2018 5:01 am

    Thanks for this post Pinal. I recently had updates applied to my laptop and this shortcut went missing from my tiles on my Start Menu in Windows 10. Having the SQLServerManager14.msc to search it helped to find it and re-pin to my Start Menu.

  • I found sql config manager via;

    On windows 10 Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Computer Management >> Services and application >> SQL Server Configuration Manager

    But when I click on it I get a message;
    Cannot connect to WMI provider. You do not have permission or the server is unreachable. Note that you can only manager SQL server 2005 and later servers with SQL Server Configuration Manager. Invalid class (0x80041010).

    So what do I do now. I wish to check named pipes / tcp etc. Can I do this without config manager.

  • David van mersbergen
    May 20, 2019 9:05 pm

    The question I have is how to get the Configuration Manager Icon to show up on the apps screen under the correct version of SQL. I have 2 intances (2008R2 & 2012) installed (however 2008R2 was uninstalled – yet still shows up in that version of Configuration Manager). In the application screen of the Windows Server 2012 R2, under SQL 2008R2 there is a CM icon (where CM does not show 2012 version running), but NOT under the listing of icons on 2012. I pinned Configuration Manager to my task bar, but others accessing the server claim configuration manager for 2012 is not installed as it does not show up.

  • Sir,SQL CONFIGURATION MANAGER 2008 is not install in my pc. I have done all the steps. I am not finding.What should I do? How I install ?


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