SQL SERVER – Extension of the SQL Server Natively Compiled Stored Procedures

Earlier I wrote a blog post about the Location of Natively Compiled Stored Procedure and Naming Convention. In this blog post, I wrote about location of natively compiled stored procedures.

In the blog post, I have used following image.

One of the questions which I have received was what do various extensions like c, dll, obj etc means. My friend Balmukund Lakhani explains that very well in the his blog post, however for the reference it is listed here once again.

File Extension Usage
.c C source file generated by In-Memory engine
.dll Natively compiled DLL to be loaded into SQL Server process
.mat.xml MAT export file
.obj Object file generated by C compiler
.out Compiler output file
.pdb Symbol file for the dll. Used for debugging code issues.

Let me know what do you think of the native stored procedure. Tell you the truth, I have not used this feature so far and I have very limited experience, but again, Microsoft has included this feature in the SQL Server so I assume there will be demand of this feature and some of the biggest customers must be using this feature across their big applications.

Let me know what is your opinion in the comment section.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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