SQLAuthority News – Happy New Year 2014 – Resolution of the New Years

First of all, happy New Year to all of you – 2014 has started!

Every year I make at least one resolution, some I do for the public on my blog. The reason is simple – if I declare something in front of all of you, there is a good chance I will be held accountable to it. Without my readers, no one will check up on me and it will be easy to fall off the wagon. But this year I am making more than resolutions, I am making commitments to myself, and I want to follow them. In fact, I want to finish them in six months, not a whole year. A few of my 2014 commitments are professional, and some are in my personal life. I want to see how I progress over the year.

However, before I go to year 2014 resolutions, let us check how did I do with my SQL 2013’s resolution.

  • Write more books – Done. I wrote total 10 books before the end of year 2013.
  • Go beyond SQL – Done. I learned a lot about Big Data (wrote a series on it) and MySQL (build courses on it).
  • Attend SQL training – Done. I learned that in Feb 2013.
  • Reduce my weight – Failed. I gained a few pounds.

Well, I am disappointed that I failed in taking care of my health in 2013. Now in year 2014, I must focus on my health – there should not be any excuse. Without further ado here are my year 2014’s resolutions.

Reduce My Weight

I failed this last year so I must keep this one as a priority. This is a very difficult one for me personally. I travel a lot – internationally and domestic. I have a sweet tooth and I love anything sweet. I love fast food and we all know what this one does to people. Anyway, I am still going to reduce my weight in the year 2014. I am going to eat healthy and every day going to spend 30-45 minutes of exercise. My wife is going to come up with the plan so I will have someone always watching my progress. I did not want to talk about this any more as last year I failed with this goal. Let us talk about this next year.

Learn More on Big Data / NOSQL

I did a pretty good job in the year 2013 with this subject. I pretty much walked into my non-comfort zone and learned a lot about Big Data. I wrote a month long series on Big Data on this blog and did presentations as well on this topic. I feel I have overcome initial obstacles and I can now handle Big Data subject pretty easily. However, the subject of Big Data is indeed very wide and deep. I think there are lots of different things to learn from me and I have a long way to go before I even call myself a moderate expert on this subject. I am going to come up with one or two different series on NoSQL and Big Data in year 2014 and learn more about them.

More Video Training Courses

In year 2013 I have done 7 of Pluralsight video courses on various subjects. You can see the list over here. I am planning to do a minimum of 4 (one per quarter) video course for Pluralsight on various subjects. I like to do a mix of database and social media courses. I have built a list of the courses with me and I am hoping that I will be able to accomplish my goal for Video Courses in the year 2014. Trust me sharing the knowledge with the medium of video is very satisfying.

SQLAuthority News - Happy New Year 2014 - Resolution of the New Years 2014

Well, that’s it. I have three simple goals and I hope that next year when I write this blog post, I have completed all of my goals.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • kalyanasundaram
    January 2, 2014 10:55 am

    Hi Pinal,

    Thanks for your wishes and same to you. Try to reduce your weight and make healthy life.

  • You should get Wii Fit!

  • Justin Bannister
    March 20, 2014 6:54 pm

    My wife bought me a fit bit, I find that this is useful to help me track how active I am during the day. I try and work some exercise into my day. So for instance instead of driving to the station, I walk there and that takes around 20 minutes each way, Plus the walking I have to do the other end. I also have the MyFitness App on my phone, it helps me keep track of how many calories I am consuming in a day. I have a sweet tooth as well and find this useful.


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