SQL SERVER – SQL Basics Video: Code Comments – SQL in Sixty Seconds #059

SQL SERVER - SQL Basics Video: Code Comments - SQL in Sixty Seconds #059 sqlbasics This is the 4th post out of my 10 post series of my videos on my 10th book – SQL Basics. Today will show the importance of data and information.

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The amount of effort to type the ‘–‘ signs for a single-line comment increases dramatically as the number of continuous lines to be commented out grows. What if we wanted to disable the last 300 lines of code? Typing ‘/*’ and ‘*/’ signs one time each, is definitely easier than typing the ‘–‘ sign 300 times to achieve the exact same result. Unlike the double hyphen, which can only instruct SQL Server to ignore one line of code at a time, the ‘/*’ ‘*/’ signs (delimiters) are more efficient for multi-line commenting as there can be an infinite number of lines of code between the opening and closing delimiters.

SQL in Sixty Seconds Video

We have attempted to explain the same subject in simple words over in following video.

Action Item

Get the book for yourself and your friend. This is just a reference everyone must have it.

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Available in Paperback (USA), Kindle (Worldwide) 

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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