SQL – What is the latest Version of NuoDB? – A Quick Contest to Get Amazon Gift Cards

SQL - What is the latest Version of NuoDB? - A Quick Contest to Get Amazon Gift Cards nuodb-bird-logo We had a great contest earlier last week – What ACID stands in the Database? – Contest to Win 24 Amazon Gift Cards and Joes 2 Pros 2012 Kit. It has received quite a few responses. Just like any other contest, not everyone was winner. The kind folks at NuoDB decided to give another chance to everyone who have not won in the last contest. This means if you have missed to take part in the earlier contest or if you have taken part and not won, you still have one more chance to win Amazon Gift Card.

Here is the quick contest:

SQL - What is the latest Version of NuoDB? - A Quick Contest to Get Amazon Gift Cards amazoncard You just have to go and download NuoDB. The first 10 people who will download the NuoDB will get 10 – USD 10 cards. Remaining everyone will be entered into a lucky draw of Amazon Gift cards of USD 50. Winners will be announced in next 24 hours.

Bonus Round:

If you have entered in the contest above, you can also enter to win latest Beginning SSRS Joes 2 Pros book. You just have to leave a comment over here with your experience about your experience with NuoDB and what is the latest version of the product.

Here are few of the blog post I wrote earlier on that subject:

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • prageet surheley
    July 26, 2013 8:02 am

    The latest version of Nuodb is 1.1.1 & my experience of using this tool is great.It provide me the same feel of using SQL Server.Although i am not used to it now but i am trying to get familiar with all of its services

  • NuoDB Latest Version is nuodb-1.1.1
    NuoDB has very good user friendly environment and provides lot of facilities like migrations, good customer support through community forums, and drivers..
    Recently it has been released drivers for .NET Framework3.5/4.0 and also for different technologies like PHP, Python, Perl…..
    I usually follow NuoDB forum and learning new features available in NuoDB whenever I have free time apart from my office work…

  • NuoDB v1.1.1

  • The latest version of NuoDB is 1.1.1
    It is a great tool and very user friendly and intutive. The best thing about it is migration from any existing database and deployment to any where.


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