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Developer Training Courses are the next big thing and I am so happy that I have so far authored 6 different video courses with Pluralsight. Here is the list of the courses. I have listed all of my video courses over here.

Note: If you click on the courses and it does not open, you need to login to Pluralsight with a valid username and password or sign up for a FREE trial.

Please leave a comment with your favorite course in the comment section. Random 10 winners will get surprise gift via email. Bonus: If you list your favorite module from the course site.

UPDATE: All the courses listed on this blog posts have now moved to a new location over here.

Watch my latest course – Play by Play: Pinal Dave where I demonstrate how to tune your SQL Server in real time. Geoffrey Grosenbach sits down with me and ask many difficult questions, at times I was not sure how will do tune the server. Finally, I go over my basics and end up over optimizing queries and fine-tuning the server.

Here is the link to my favorite SQL Server Course.

SQL Server 2014 Administration New Features

Every new release of SQL Server brings a whole load of new features that an administrator can add to their arsenal of efficiency. This course takes a tour of the basic new features that were introduced, including backup, security, column store enhancements, Resource Governor, General Administration, Azure integration, extensions with SQL Server 2014 and more.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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  • Avinash reddy
    July 3, 2013 9:36 am

    i have seen this videos on 10 days back really superb pinal sir i liked sql server performance on index basis and query tuning you explained these two courses very excellent with simple manner glad to see these type of videos i gained clear cut knowledge on these two thank you so much sir

  • Dear Mr. Dave,

    I am very keen to see the query tuning articles but couldn’t go to the page as I haven’t any account over there and unable find any link to create a new account. I shall be therefore grateful if could you please guide me to read the content.

    Thanks & Regards

    Uma Basu


  • Sanjay Monpara
    July 3, 2013 2:01 pm

    Its difficult to find out favorite modules because all are looking important/interesting…!
    still now I have selected few modules as per below list,

    Patterns of Cloud Integration
    MySQL Fundamentals
    Understanding NoSQL

    SQL Server Performance: Indexing Basics
    SQL Server Questions and Answers
    SQL Server Performance: Introduction to Query Tuning
    SQL Server: Common Performance Issue Patterns
    SQL Server: Myths and Misconceptions
    SQL Server: Performance Troubleshooting Using Wait Statistics
    SQL Server: Query Plan Analysis

  • Hello Pinal,
    Glad to know about the courses you have done, bad i could not grab em,
    i am keen to get my hands on SQL Server Performance: Indexing Basics. Is the surprise mail only for the guys who have seem em or the guys who comment over here?
    Please do answer my question :)

  • Hi Pinal
    I am very interested to see the course information about Query Tunning and Basis Index.

    Thank you very much hope to be able to access.

  • SQL Server Performance: Indexing Basics

  • Use Microsoft Virtual labs to practice SQL Server from below link


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