SQL SERVER – Server Side Paging in SQL Server CE (Compact Edition)

SQL Server Denali is coming up with new T-SQL of Paging. I have written about the same earlier.

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What is very interesting is that SQL Server CE 4.0 have the same feature introduced. Here is the quick example of the same. To run the script in the example, you will have to do install Webmatrix 4.0 and download sample database. Once done you can run following script.

FROM [Order Details] ORDER BY [Order ID] OFFSET 20 ROWS

Above script returns records 21 to 27 from the tables [Order Details]. OFFSET clause will skip the first 20 rows and then returns 7 rows. Please note, this T-SQL will throw error if ORDER BY is not used in the query.

I have found exactly similar post written by Jacob Sebastian on BeyondRelational.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • This is very nice feature.

    But why do I need to install webmatrix4.0? what is the relation between T-SQL and webmatrix4.0?

    I have checked this feature in sql server 2008 EE. It is not working. I dont have webmatrix4.0 on my machine.

    Thank you

  • Is there any way to run the same in Sql Server 2008 Enterprice Edition

  • How Can i use Offset and limit in microsoft sql server 2008 ???


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