SQL SERVER – What is a Technology Evangelist?

When you hear that someone is an “evangelist” the first thing that might pop into your mind is the Christian church.  In fact, the term did come from Christianity, and basically means someone who spreads the news about their faith.  In the technology world, the same definition is true.

SQL SERVER - What is a Technology Evangelist? evengelist

Technology evangelists are individuals who, professionally or in their spare time, spread the news about the latest new products.  Sounds like a salesperson, right?  No they are absolutely different. Salespeople also keep up to date with a large number of people, and like to convince others to buy their product – and some will go to any lengths to sell!  An evangelist, on the other hand, is brutally honest about the product, even if sometimes it means not making a sale.  An evangelist is out there to tell the TRUTH.  A salesperson needs to make sales.

An Evangelist offers a Solution independent of Technology used – a Salesperson offers Particular Technology.

With this definition in mind, you can probably think of a few technology evangelists you already know.  Maybe it’s a relative or a neighbor, someone who loves keeping up with the latest trends and is always willing to tell you about them if you ask even the simplest question.  And, in fact, they probably are evangelists and don’t even know it.  For a long time, the work of technology evangelism was in the hands of community and community technology leaders. Luckily now various organizations have understood the importance of the community and helping community to reach their goals. This has lead them to create role of “Technology Evangelists”.

Let me talk about one of the most famous Evangelist of the SQL Server technology. Technology Evangelist only belongs to technology and above any country, race, location or any other thing. They are dedicated to the technology.

Vinod Kumar is such a man, who have given a lot to community. For years he was a Technology Evangelist for Microsoft, and maintained a blog that was dedicated to spreading his enthusiasm for his favorite products.  He is one of the most respected Evangelists in the field, and has done a lot of work to define the job for other professionals. Vinod’s career has since progressed to the Microsoft Technology Center (read his post), but he is continuing to be a strong presence in the evangelism community.  I have a lot of respect for Vinod.  He has done a lot for the community and technology evangelism.  Everybody has dream to serve community the way he does, and he is a great role model for evangelists everywhere.

On his blog, Vinod created one of the best descriptions of a Technology Evangelist.  It defined the position and also made the distinction between evangelist and salesperson extremely clear.  I will include the highlights of that list here, because no one can say it better than Vinod:

  • Bundle of energy – Passion is their middle name
  • Wonderful Story tellers
  • Empathy, Trust, Loyalty, Openness, Accessibility and Warmth
  • Technology Enthusiast – Doers
  • Love people, people and more people – Community oriented
  • Unique Style and Leadership qualities !!!
  • Self-Confident, Self-Motivated but a student

(To read the full list, see: Evangelism Beyond Borders with Evangelists)

His blog is a must-read for anyone interested in technology evangelism as a career or simply a hobby.  His advice about how to gain an audience and become a trusted advisor is the best in the business.

I think there is an evangelist in everyone. I, too, consider myself a technology evangelist.  Regular readers of this blog will recognize that I am dedicated to bringing information to the masses, and that I pride myself on being both brutally and honest and giving every product fair consideration.

I think there is no better way of saying following subject.

“Once an Evangelist – Always an Evangelist!”

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)



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  • Nice writeup on the tech evangelist. I was called an evangelist by a co-worker a few months ago and occasionally hunt blogs on evangelist-like topics.

  • I agree–salespeople and evangelists are completely different. The former is paid to push, the latter is impelled to preach, and I know which one is more likely to convince me! Vinod sounds very interesting. I’m going to check out his blog asap!

  • The blog by vinod is really neat and he has followed the principle that one needs to do what one really enjoys and has a passion for, everything else will follow your passion. Thanks for sharing Pinal.

  • Wow, That’s True Pinal, I am very happy to read this post :)

    I would like to share that I am lucky to get several opportunity to Personally meet and attened the demo’s of World’s Top Rated SQL Stars that is You and Vinod :)

  • what a nice article???


    but sir can u upload more about “REMOTE LOGIN FOR SQL SREVER”

  • I visited the blog of technology evangelist, you mentioned here and you are right. He is serving the community. From his blog I came to know he, the technology eveangelist, helped some college guys in bringing out blogs, etc., I wish both you success!

  • Perfect !!


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