SQL SERVER – SQL Quiz – The View, The Table and The Clustered Index Confusion

My very good friend, Jacob Sebastian, is running a month-long SQL Quiz Series where the best-of-the-best experts from around the globe would be the quiz masters. They will ask one question every day, and users are expected to answer them correctly. The winning prizes include cool gadgets like iPAD, Kindle and many more.

I am one of the quiz masters, and my question is published here: The View, The Table and The Clustered Index Confusion. I have asked there three questions. However, the real important question is:

Bonus Question: Does this mean that my table has two effective clustered indexes now?

The best answer to this question will be featured on this blog with due credit. If you have not answered the question yet, here is a hint for you:

In the SQL Server 2008 enterprise version, there is an additional feature where the Index View somehow started to become very helpful to parents object (table enclosed in the View).

However, the question can be answered evaluated in any version of SQL Server. The winner will be judged by the version number and answer. I have carefully picked the question so those who have different versions will have different answers.

What’s your answer then?

If you are interested in reading more about Views here is my quick blog post which discusses my recent articles on limitations of the views.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • The concept of a clustered index is an implementation detail. You can create a nonclustered index over all columns that will behave exactly like a clustered one. This is called a covering index.


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