SQLAuthority News – SQL Server Seminar at Colombo Full – Hyderabad Few Seats Available

If you are familiar with my blog, you might be aware of that I am doing world-wide seminar on SQL Server Seminars. I have lots of request to do the event in various cities, now our plan is very simple and to do this in very few cities. Our current seminar at Colombo is sold out and we have 40 confirmed registrations over 35 available spaces. We have also waiting list of the 10 students and we will see if we can accommodate the same.

I have received many request from India for the same seminar, here is the quick update the next two seminars in India are on following dates.

  • Hyderabad, India: Nov 27-28, 2010
  • Pune, India: Dec 4-5, 2010

The one at Hyderabad has very limited seats due to constraint of space at training location. The outline of the training can be found SQL Server Performance Optimization.

Day 1

  • Don’t Lie to Me. O Liar!  – Resolutions to Popular Misconceptions
  • 5 Point Subquery – The Unknown Tricks and Tips of Subqueries
  • Your Joins, My joins, Our Joins – The Relation between External and Internal Joins
  • 3 ‘Real’ Idiots of SQL – Triggers, Views and …!
  • SolidQ Quiz Hour – One Contestant (Instructor) and Multiple Quiz Masters (All of You)

Day 2

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Side of Index – Evils of Index and Workarounds
  • Blood veins and Heartbeats! – The Intelligence of Statistics
  • Sniffing Parameters is Injurious to Health! – Optimize Your Query for Unknown Values
  • Fast, Faster and The Fastest! – Turbo Fast Queries Techniques
  • SolidQ Quiz Hour – One Contestant (Instructor) and Multiple Quiz Masters (All of You)

I never knew that meeting so many people and delivering real world scenario based seminar can be this much fun. Send me email at pinal “at” sqlauthority.com to sign up for the class.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Very intersting topics..Sir We are expecting this in chennai .

  • Thanks for the great session at Colombo 4th and 5th October, 2010. We enjoyed every minute of it .Had a good knowledge and most importantly, it was a guide to us to sail in the right direction.


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