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SQL Server 2008 Report Definition Language Specification
The goal of Report Definition Language (RDL) is to promote the interoperability of commercial reporting products by defining a common schema that allows interchange of report definitions. An important aspect to understand is that RDL is a schema definition, not a programmatic interface or protocol like HTTP or ODBC. RDL does not specify how report definitions are passed between applications or how reports are processed. Also, RDL is meant to be fully encapsulated; meaning that successfully interpreting an RDL document should not require any understanding of the source application.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR

In addition to providing support for SQL Server 2008 database projects, this release incorporates many previously released Power Tools as well as several new features. The new features include distinct Build and Deploy phases, Static Code Analysis and improved integration with SQL CLR projects.
Database Edition no longer requires a Design Database. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to install an instance of SQL Express or SQL Server prior to using Database Edition.

SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide

A successful upgrade to SQL Server 2008 should be smooth and trouble-free. To achieve that smooth transition, you must devote plan sufficiently for the upgrade, and match the complexity of your database application. Otherwise, you risk costly and stressful errors and upgrade problems. Like all IT projects, planning for every contingency and then testing your plan gives you confidence that you will succeed. But if you ignore the planning process, you increase the chances of running into difficulties that can derail and delay your upgrade. This document covers the essential phases and steps involved in upgrading existing SQL Server 2000 and 2005 instances to SQL Server 2008 by using best practices. These include preparation tasks, upgrade tasks, and post-upgrade tasks.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

The SQL Server Management Pack provides the capabilities for Operations Manager 2007 to discover SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 installations and components and to monitor them, primarily from the perspective of availability and performance. The availability and performance monitoring is done using a combination of scripts and native Operations Manager capabilities.

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