SQL SERVER – How to Add Multiple New Columns to Table with Default Values?

This is a follow up blog post of my earlier blog post on the same subject. You can read my earlier blog post over here. I recently received an email where a user asked how to add more than one new column to an existing table with a default value. Very interesting and simple question. Honestly, I love simple questions as they are the most needed by users. So here is the question – “How to Add Multiple New Columns to Table with Default Values?”. Now let us try to solve this question with the help of an example.

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MySQL – How to Drop Table If Exists in Database?

In this post SQL Server – 2016 – T-SQL Enhancement “Drop if Exists” clause, we have seen the new feature introduced in SQL Server version 2016. One of my friends recently asked me question that how to drop table in exists in MySQL database? It was not surprising to see that not many people know about the existence of this feature. MySQL already has this feature for a while and if you are MySQL DBA, you may find it interesting that SQL Server just introduced this feature.

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SQL SERVER – Practical Tips to Reduce SQL Server Database Table Size – Experts Opinion

I am one of those fortunate people who has friends everywhere in the world. Syrovatchenko Sergey is one of my good friends who is an expert on SQL Server. When we met a few days ago in one of the event, we end up discussing about practical tips to reduce SQL Server database table size. Upon returning home, I found Sergey has sent me an amazing article on this subject. It is beautifully written article and I enjoyed it very much. Let us read what Sergey has to say about this subject in his own words.

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SQL SERVER – Finding Tables Created Last Week – DBA Tip Part II

When I wrote my previous blog post on SQL SERVER – Finding Tables Created Last Week – DBA Tip, lesser did I know something as simple as this can become such an interesting topic of conversation. I have been overwhelmed with the number of emails I have got in the past week to know more about such real life scenarios. Having said that, a number of you also asked are there a much easier way to look at the same inside SQL Server Management Studio.

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