SQL SERVER – UDF – Function to Parse AlphaNumeric Characters from String

Following function keeps only Alphanumeric characters in string and removes all the other character from the string. This is very handy function when working with Alphanumeric String only. I have used this many times. CREATE FUNCTION dbo.UDF_ParseAlphaChars ( @string VARCHAR(8000) ) RETURNS VARCHAR(8000) AS BEGIN DECLARE @IncorrectCharLoc SMALLINT SET @IncorrectCharLoc…
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SQL SERVER – UDF – User Defined Function to Find Weekdays Between Two Dates

Following user defined function returns number of weekdays between two dates specified. This function excludes the dates which are passed as input params. It excludes Saturday and Sunday as they are weekends. I always had this function with for reference but after some research I found original source website of…
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SQL SERVER – User Defined Functions (UDF) to Reverse String – UDF_ReverseString

UDF_ReverseString UDF_ReverseString User Defined Functions returns the Reversed String starting from certain position. First parameters takes the string to be reversed. Second parameters takes the position from where the string starts reversing. Script of UDF_ReverseString function to return Reverse String. CREATE FUNCTION UDF_ReverseString ( @StringToReverse VARCHAR(8000), @StartPosition INT ) RETURNS…
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SQL SERVER – Good, Better and Best Programming Techniques

A week ago, I was invited to meeting of programmers. Subject of meeting was “Good, Better and Best Programming Techniques”. I had made small note before I went to meeting, so if I have to talk about or discuss SQL Server it can come handy. Well, I did not get…
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