SQL SERVER – Microsoft Azure – Unable to Find Higher Tier Series Virtual Machine to Upgrade

With current market trends of cloud shifting, many of my clients have moved their SQL Servers from on-premise virtual machines to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. In this blog, I would explain a situation where my client was not able to find relevant size when he wanted to upsize the VM to a higher tier.

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SQL SERVER – Virtualized SQL Server Performance and Storage System – Notes from the Field #013

[Note from Pinal]: This is a new episode of Notes from the Field series. A common comment I often hear from the developers is – “I have virtual environment and I have followed all the tricks and tips which I should apply to SQL Server but still I do not see a performance improvement to my server. I believe virtualization is not a good thing.” The matter of the fact is that we do not know how to tune virtualized server. Regular SQL Server where we have dedicated server and virtualized SQL Server have few different tricks associated with them. Let us learn about Virtualized SQL Server Performance and Storage System.

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SQL SERVER – How to Begin with VMware – Introduction to Virtualization

Virtualization has slowly crept in and made its rightful place into enterprises of all sizes and segments today. More and more organizations are realizing the importance of virtualization and adopting this revolutionary technology in its entirety. However, for a beginner, it is pretty confusing. The market is flooded with various vendors offering a slice of this technology in various forms and features.

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