SQL SERVER – List All the Tables for All Databases Using System Tables

Today we will go over very simple script which will list all the tables for all the database. sp_msforeachdb 'select "?" AS db, * from [?].sys.tables' Update: Based on comments received below I have updated this article. Thank you to all the readers. This is good example where something small like this have good participation from…
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SQL SERVER – Stored Procedure to Know Database Access Permission to Current User

Jr. DBA in my company only have access to the database which they need to use. Often they try to access database and if they do not have permission they face error. Jr. DBAs always check which database they have access using following system stored procedure. It is very reliable…
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SQL SERVER – DBCC commands List – documented and undocumented

Database Consistency Checker (DBCC) commands can gives valuable insight into what’s going on inside SQL Server system. DBCC commands have powerful documented functions and many undocumented capabilities. Current DBCC commands are most useful for performance and troubleshooting exercises. To learn about all the DBCC commands run following script in query…
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