SQL SERVER – Rebuild Index Job Failed – Error: 9002 – The Transaction Log for Database ‘PinalDB’ is Full Due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’

Sometimes we have an error in SQL Server job history which are not very accurate to find the cause of an issue. In this blog we would explore a situation where rebuild index job was failing with error 9002 – The transaction log for database ‘PinalDB’ is full due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’.

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SQL SERVER – Useful Queries – Why Huge Transaction Log (LDF) File? Fix Low Disk Free Space on the Drive Used by LDF Files

During my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check engagement with the client, one of the most common issue found was the huge size of the transaction log file. In this blog, we would learn about useful queries which I use to help my client in fixing Huge Transaction Log (LDF) File.

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SQL SERVER – Reading Transaction Log to Identified Who Dropped a Table

The other day I received a distress email from a user who wanted to find out who has dropped a table or column from their database. During the On Demand (55 minutes) consultation, not only I was able to help them with restoring their lost data but also was able to find out which user had actually dropped their table “accidentally”. We were lucky enough that the user had a database in full recovery model, hence their transaction log recorded every detail needed.

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