SQL SERVER – Getting Started with Accelerated Database Recovery – Instant Rollback

There are many reasons to envy my job as SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert Consultant but the most important reason is that I get to work on quite often the latest version of SQL Server. Just the other day I had an early adopter customer who was using SQL Server 2019 for their environment and they wanted me to help them with the new feature of Accelerated Database Recovery.

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SQL SERVER – How to Fix log_reuse_wait_desc – AVAILABILITY_REPLICA?

Earlier this week I had multiple engagements of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. While working with one of the customers we realized that when we query sys.databases for one of the databases, we always see column log_reuse_wait_desc containing reasons  AVAILABILITY_REPLICA. The customer was really curious about what it means. Let us see what we found out after quick research.

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