SQL SERVER – sp_readrequest – Long Running Process

Just another day while doing performance tuning engagement, Senior DBA of the organization and I both noticed that one of the SP sp_readrequest is continuously listed as long running SP. Well, the good part was that it was not taking too much of the resources. The page read and write were pretty low and the SP was not blocking anything at all. Initially we decided to ignore this SP as there were quite a lots of other things which we needed to take care to get maximum performance of the server.

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What is a Master Database in SQL Server? – Interview Question of the Week #076

The other day, I received an email from a user, who had dropped master database in their system. I told him directly that he should have not dropped master database as that is a very important system database. It is really strange that after so many years quite a few of the people do not know what is a master database in SQL Server.

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SQL SERVER – System Objects Not Visible in SQL Server Management Studio

There are so many settings in SQL Server Management Studio that it can sometimes make someone nervous. Once of my client sent me email telling that something is not right with their SQL Server 2016 installation. Here is an email which I received:

Hi Pinal,
One of the developer has installed SQL Server 2016 on our development environment. I already had SQL Server 2014 running on the server. I am seeing a strange behavior in SQL Server Management Studio. When I connect from SSMS 2014, I am seeing system views as you can see below.

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