SQL SERVER – Script level upgrade for database master failed – Error: 4860, Severity: 16, State: 1 – Cannot bulk load. SqlTraceCollect.dtsx does not exist

Of late, I have been contacted by few clients who have been facing issues with SQL startup failure after applying patch to SQL Server instance. This blog is an outcome of one such assistance provided. Here is a blog post where I discuss script level upgrade for database master fails.

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SQL SERVER – Stop Growing MSDB Database by Removing sysmail_mailitems History

Received an email “Need your urgent help On Demand, our MSDB Database has grown too big and we need help to check our sysmail_mailitems table. We are also facing performance issues.” I have been an independent consultant for a while and one of the services I provide is “On Demand (50 minutes)” service. This service is very helpful for organizations who are in need immediate help with their performance tuning issue. Though, I have set working ours for my regular clients, every single day, I keep two hours available for this particular offering. This way, I can make sure that anyone who urgently needs my help, can avail the same.

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SQL SERVER – Script level upgrade for database ‘master’ failed because upgrade step ‘sqlagent100_msdb_upgrade.sql’

I do apply patches to my SQL instances as and when they are released by Microsoft. This is important because I always feel keeping the bits up-to-date is essential because I don’t want to get infected as I travel quite a bit. Since I play a lot with my SQL Server, there are more chances that things are going to break sooner than your production server. Here is one such incident. Let us learn about how to fix script level upgrade. 

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SQL SERVER – guest User and MSDB Database – Enable guest User on MSDB Database

I have written a few articles recently on the subject of guest account and MSDB Database. Here’s a quick list of these articles:

SQL SERVER – Disable Guest Account – Serious Security Issue
SQL SERVER – Force Removing User from Database – Fix: Error: Could not drop login ‘test’ as the user is currently logged in.
SQL SERVER – Detecting guest User Permissions – guest User Access Status

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