SQL SERVER – XML Document Could Not be Created Because Server Memory is Low. Use sp_xml_removedocument to release XML documents

Most of my earnings come from my role as SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization consultant. Every single day I work with few customers so that I can maintain the quality of my work with each of them. As you can imagine, I face new challenges and learn new ways to tune SQL Server. In this blog post, we will discuss an error XML document could not be created because server memory is low. Use sp_xml_removedocument to release XML documents.

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SQL SERVER – Handling XML Documents – Notes from the Field #125

[Note from Pinal]: This is a 125th episode of Notes from the Field series. Handing XML documents is not an easy task. Trust me till today I see lots of experts struggling when they have to deal with XML. In my early career I used to be scared with the XML as well. Well, now I have proper understanding of the XML documents and I am no longer worried about this subject.
In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Stuart Ainsworth explains about how to work with XML documents.

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