SQLAuthority News – Running SQL Server 2008 in a Hyper-V Environment Best Practices and Performance Considerations

Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 is a powerful virtualization technology that can be used by corporate IT to consolidate under-utilized servers, lowering TCO and maintaining or improving Quality of Service. Through a series of test scenarios that are representative of SQL Server application fundamentals, this document provides best practice recommendations…
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SQLAuthority News – White Paper: Security Overview for Database Administrators

Note:   Download White Paper by Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is secure by design, default, and deployment. Microsoft is committed to communicating information about threats, countermeasures, and security enhancements as necessary to keep your data as secure as possible. This paper covers some of the most important security features in SQL…
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SQLAuthority News – White Paper: SQL Server 2008 Compared to Oracle Database 11g

Note: Download White Paper by Microsoft

Microsoft SQL Server has steadily gained ground on other database systems and now surpasses the competition in terms of performance, scalability, security, developer productivity, business intelligence (BI), and compatibility with the 2007 Microsoft Office System. It achieves this at a considerably lower cost than does Oracle Database 11g.

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SQLAuthority News – Download White Papers – Migration from MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, or Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server

Note : Download White Papers by Microsoft Guide to Migrating from MySQL to SQL Server 2005 This migration guide explains the differences between the MySQL and SQL Server 2005 database platforms, and the steps necessary to convert a MySQL database to SQL Server. Guide to Migrating from Oracle to SQL…
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SQL SERVER – White Papers: Migration from Oracle Sybase, or Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server

Guide to Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server 2005 This white paper explores challenges that arise when you migrate from an Oracle 7.3 database or later to SQL Server 2005. It describes the implementation differences of database objects, SQL dialects, and procedural code between the two platforms. The entire migration…
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SQLAuthority News – SQL Server 2005 Powers Global Forensic Data Security Tool

Note :  Download Whitepaper by Microsoft Find out how SQL Server 2005 powers a 27 TB data management system called ICE 3.0 that gathers forensic data from more than 85 Microsoft corporate proxy servers into a single database. The Information Security team at Microsoft uses an internal tool called Information…
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