SQL SERVER – List of all the Views from Database

My earlier article SQL SERVER – The Limitations of the Views – Eleven and more… has lots of popularity and I have been asked many questions on the view. Many emails I received suggesting that they have hundreds of the view and now have no clue what is going on and how many of them have indexes and how many does not have an index. Some even asked me if there is any way they can get a list of the views with the property of Index along with it.

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SQL SERVER – SQL Quiz – The View, The Table and The Clustered Index Confusion

My very good friend, Jacob Sebastian, is running a month-long SQL Quiz Series where the best-of-the-best experts from around the globe would be the quiz masters. They will ask one question every day, and users are expected to answer them correctly. The winning prizes include cool gadgets like iPAD, Kindle…
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SQL SERVER – View Over the View Not Possible with Index View – Limitations of the View 11

Update: Please read the summary post of all the 11 Limitations of the view SQL SERVER – The Limitations of the Views – Eleven and more… When I wrote the article about SQL SERVER – Adding Column is Expensive by Joining Table Outside View – Limitation of the Views Part 2, I had received a…
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