Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Games , Interaction and Feedback

If you are following this blog, you would be familiar with my online class Practical Real World Performance Tuning with Brent Ozar. The course was initially planned to offer for only 3 different times this year. However, due to a popularity of the course, we had offered this course so far 5 times. The course is very unique and there is nothing out there which is comparable to this course. Let me just highlight a few points which makes me proud every time I talk about this course. Let us discuss Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Games , Interaction and Feedback.

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Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Fun and Reviews

Unless you are staying under the rock, you would be familiar with Practical Real World Performance Tuning course. This is the second part about behind the scene story. You can read my first part here – Practical Real World Performance Tuning – Before the Class Announced. In this part of the blog series let us discuss about the reviews we received for this classes and fun we have during the session.

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