MySQL – MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning – Online Video Courses

In year 2013, I had focused on MySQL along with SQL Server in database products. As I learn more and more MySQL, I quickly realized that there is no proper course or structured information for MySQL Performance Tuning. I had decided to build a course around common MySQL Performance Problems. I have decided to build the performance tuning course in two parts. 1) MySQL Indexing for Performance and 2) MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning. I had released MySQL Indexing for Performance course earlier this year and right before the end of the year 2013 the second course MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning has released as well.

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SQL – A Career in Database Forensics

SQL Training

A growing field in the information security domain – Database Forensics offers a comprehensive and highly sophisticated skill set that allows professionals to uncover and trace data security breaches of the highest order and complexity. Many enterprises are looking to hire such professionals nowadays.

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SQL – Biggest Concerns in a Data Driven World

The ongoing chaos over Government Agency’s snooping has ignited a heated debate on privacy of personal data and its use by government and/or other institutions. It has created a feeling of disapproval and distrust among users. This incident proves to be a lesson for companies that are looking to leverage their business using a data driven approach. According to analysts, the goal of gathering personal information should be to deliver benefits to both the parties – the user as well as the data collector(government or business).

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SQL – Business Intelligence: Derive Data or Information?

We all know the value of information in our lives. Whether it’s a personal decision or a business initiated one, people need it. But the question is: who is to make the distinction between data and information? We all come across a whole lot of data daily, that may be significant or not. We filter what’s required and forget about the rest. Information is filtered and distilled data. Filtering and distillation can also alter its actual meaning and natural state. Therefore, in this blog we discover some ways to ensure that we’re using business intelligence derived from the right information for making critical management decisions.

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SQLAuthority News – IT Security for Small Businesses

Headlines today are filled with news of cyber attacks on some of the biggest corporate houses. Recently, media players such as the NY Times and The Washington Post have borne the brunt of cyber attacks. You may think that if such big companies are vulnerable to cyber threats, where does your small or medium-sized enterprise stand a chance? Well, certain, safe practices can ensure that your enterprise IT security is maintained so that it is hard for hackers to just break into your networks.

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