SQL SERVER – Fix : Error : Msg 2714, Level 16, State 6 – There is already an object named ‘#temp’ in the database

Recently, one of my regular blog readers emailed me with a question concerning the following error: Msg 2714, Level 16, State 6, Line 4 There is already an object named ‘#temp’ in the database. This reader has been encountering the above-mentioned error, and he is curious to know the reason…
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SQL SERVER – T-SQL Script to Find Details About TempDB Information

Two days ago I wrote an article about SQL SERVER – TempDB Restrictions – Temp Database Restrictions. Since then I have received few emails asking details about Temp DB. I use following T-SQL Script to know details about my TempDB. This script is a pretty old script but it does work great most of the time. I strongly encourage all of you to use a script to check your TempDB Information.

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SQL SERVER – TempDB Restrictions – Temp Database Restrictions

While conducting Interview for my outsourcing project, I asked one question to interviewer that what are the restrictions on TempDB? The candidate was not able to answer the question. I thought it would be good for all my readers to know the answer to this question so if you face this question in an interview or if you meet me in the interview you will be able to answer this question.

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SQL SERVER – Comparison : Similarity and Difference #TempTable vs @TempVariable

#TempTable and @TempVariable are different things with different scope. Their purpose is different but highly overlapping. TempTables are originated for the storage and & storage & manipulation of temporal data. TempVariables are originated (SQL Server 2000 and onwards only) for returning date-sets from table-valued functions. Common properties of #TempTable and…
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SQL SERVER – TempDB is Full. Move TempDB from one drive to another drive.

If you ever find your TEmpDB to be full and if you want to move TempDB, you will find this blog post very helpful.

Here is the error message which may come across.

Event ID: 17052
Description: The LOG FILE FOR DATABASE ‘tempdb’ IS FULL.

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