SQL SERVER – 2005 – Find Database Collation Using T-SQL and SSMS – Part 2

Previously I have written two different ways to find database collation SQL SERVER – 2005 – Find Database Collation Using T-SQL and SSMS. One of blog reader jwwishart has posted another method for doing the same. SELECT collation_name FROM sys.databases WHERE name = 'AdventureWorks' Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)
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SQL SERVER – Introduction to sys.dm_exec_query_optimizer_info

Many times when I am just bored I surf Book On Line for SQL Server 2005. Almost all the time I find something new which makes me believe that I have lot to learn and there are so many things I am not aware of. Today I found system catalog view sys.dm_exec_query_optimizer_info. I just enjoyed reading about it and now I will share this with you.

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SQL SERVER – 2005 – Retrieve Any User Defined Object Details Using sys objects Database

sys.objects object catalog view contains a row for each user-defined, schema-scoped object that is created within a database. You can retrieve any user defined object details by querying sys.objects database. Let us see one example of sys.objects database usage. You can run following query to retrieve all the information regarding…
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