SQL SERVER – Get Numeric Value From Alpha Numeric String – UDF for Get Numeric Numbers Only

SQL is great with String operations. Many times, I use T-SQL to do my string operation. Let us see User Defined Function, which I wrote few days ago, which will return only Numeric values from AlphaNumeric values. CREATE FUNCTION dbo.udf_GetNumeric (@strAlphaNumeric VARCHAR(256)) RETURNS VARCHAR(256) AS BEGIN DECLARE @intAlpha INT SET @intAlpha =…
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SQL SERVER – 2008 – Enhenced TRIM() Function – Remove Trailing Spaces, Leading Spaces, White Space, Tabs, Carriage Returns, Line Feeds

After reading my article SQL SERVER – 2008 – TRIM() Function – User Defined Function, I have received email and comments where user are asking if it is possible to remove trailing spaces, leading spaces, white space, tabs, carriage returns, line feeds etc. I found following script posted by Russ…
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SQL SERVER – UDF – Remove Duplicate Chars From String

Few days ago, I received following wonderful UDF from one of this blog reader. This UDF is written for specific purpose of removing duplicate chars string from one large string. Virendra Chauhan, author of this UDF is working as DBA in Lutheran Health Network. CREATE FUNCTION dbo.REMOVE_DUPLICATE_INSTR (@datalen_tocheck INT,@string VARCHAR(255))…
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