SQL SERVER – Understanding How to Play With Row Constructor

Every version of SQL Server brings in something new that challenges our understanding of how the software product works. For me, working with SQL Server is quite refreshing and fulfilling because every single day there is something about the product that I discover and learn. There are tons of professionals who are working on this product and they push the limits of use and bring interesting use cases which I get to learn. Let us learn about Row Constructor.

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SQL SERVER – Maintain Carriage Return (Enter Key) in SQL Server 2016 Management Studio While Copy and Paste

With every new release some of the default behavior can surprise because you are so much used to them. But when they don’t behave the same, it baffles to when some of these changes were introduced. In pursuit of finding such behavior, while I was working with SQL Server 2016 Management Studio, I was surprised to see a behavior which didn’t seem to be right. You can also try it too.

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SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Solve Splitting Strings Puzzle

Some puzzles come as legacy and a great way to do sometimes interviews. In the past, I have written some innovative solutions when it comes to splitting strings inside SQL Server. One of them is at: SQL SERVER – Split Comma Separated List Without Using a Function. Though this is a good solution, many have some back to say this is not a clean or a native way to work with strings. Let us learn about Splitting Strings puzzle.

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Interview Question of the Week #008 – Write Scripts to Convert String to Title Case or Proper Case

Just received a question in an email asking questions about how to Convert String:

“I just got out of the interview and I was asked to write scripts to convert a string to Title Case. I was also asked to refer to the website over here to validate my answer after I complete writing script.

Do you think it is not fair to ask such questions in an interview?”

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