SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Get the First Name From Full Name Without CHARINDEX

Recently I have been engaged with a customer where they were having a performance issue. They have engaged me via my offering Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. While doing that, they asked me to write a better way to write a query. While I have given some suggestions and asked them to check, this looks like a nice puzzle to ask. So here we go to see the puzzle – Get the First Name From Full Name Without CHARINDEX.

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SQL SERVER – Understanding JSON Use is Case-Sensitive

The things I get to learn from my daughter is amazing. I think all of us need to constantly explore without any prejudice and set biases. Whenever I get a new toy for some occasion, I see there is at least a half hour of exploration to understand how the toy works and she goes into a whole new world of searching new ways to play. This makes the whole experience worth it. Let us learn about JSON.

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SQL SERVER – Understanding How to Play With Row Constructor

Every version of SQL Server brings in something new that challenges our understanding of how the software product works. For me, working with SQL Server is quite refreshing and fulfilling because every single day there is something about the product that I discover and learn. There are tons of professionals who are working on this product and they push the limits of use and bring interesting use cases which I get to learn. Let us learn about Row Constructor.

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