SQL SERVER – 2005 – Connection Property of SQL Server Management Studio SSMS

Following images quickly explain how to connect to SQL Server with different connection property. It can be useful when connection properties need to be changed for SQL Server when connected. I use this in my company when I connect to one of our servers using named pipes instead of TCP/IP. Let us learn about Connection Property of SQL Server Management Studio SSMS.

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SQL SERVER – 2005 – Different Types of Cache Objects

About two months ago I reviewed book SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting: The Database Engine. Yesterday I received a request from reader, if I can write something from this book, which is not common knowledge in DBA community. I really like the idea, however I must respect the Authors copyright about this book. This book is unorthodox SQL book, it talks about things which can get you to fix your problem faster, if problem is discussed in book. There are few places it teaches behind the scene SQL stories.

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SQL SERVER – 2005 – Find Tables With Foreign Key Constraint in Database

While writing article based on my SQL SERVER – 2005 Find Table without Clustered Index – Find Table with no Primary Key I got an idea about writing this article. I was thinking if you can find primary key for any table in the database, you can sure find foreign key for any table in the database as well.

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