SQL SERVER – SQL Express Installation Error – Wait on the Database Engine Recovery Handle Failed

Sometimes I get emails from software vendors who use SQL Server as a part of their product. One of such vendor contacted me for an issue where their software install was failing because SQL Express was not getting installed. It was failing with an error. The error message which they shared was “Wait on the Database Engine recovery handle failed”.

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SQL SERVER – Dedicated Access Control for SQL Server Express Edition – An error occurred while obtaining the dedicated administrator connection (DAC) port.

Recently I had faced very interesting situation. Due to some reason we were not able to login into the production server for one of client. The reason for the same was that server was very busy, we had to login into the system and bring server to normal situation. When…
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SQL SERVER – Download FREE SQL SERVER Express Edition and Service Pack 1

Here is the quick link from where SQL Server 2008 Express Edition can be downloaded. Download SQL Server 2008 Express Edition You can download it with many additional details as described in following image. Click on above link to go to page and select desired version. Additionally, please install SQL…
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