SQL SERVER – Patch Failure – Unable to Retrieve the Cluster Service

Few of my clients are still running older versions of SQL Server and they have their own reasons to not to move to the new SQL version. In this blog, we would learn about the fix of an error for which my client contacted me. My client was trying to apply the patch to a SQL Server 2008 R2 clustered instance which was running on Window Server 2012 and getting the error: Unable to retrieve the Cluster Service – Not clustered or the cluster service is up and online.

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SQL SERVER – SQL Clustered Resource in Online Pending State for Long Time Before Coming Online

While doing Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check I always ask my client if there is any pain point which they have with the current state of the database/server. Once I got an interesting question which I am going to answer in this blog post – Why is my SQL Clustered Resource in Online Pending state for a long time before coming online.

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SQL SERVER – Always On Availability Group Listener Missing in SSMS but Working Fine in Failover Cluster Manager

I have helped many customers to solve complex issues in their environment by Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. Sometimes, the issue looks very complex but once the solution is found it seems very easy. In this blog, we would learn about a situation where the listener is missing in SSMS but working fine in failover cluster manager (cluadmin.msc).

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SQL SERVER – Error: Parameter ‘ProbePort’ does not exist on the cluster object. Unable to set Probe Port for Azure Load Balancer

Azure is gaining popularity and I am getting clients who want to create Always On availability group as their high availability solution in Azure Virtual machine. To keep myself up to date, I also try creating the customer’s scenario in my lab. In this blog, we would how to fix error Parameter ‘ProbePort’ does not exist on the cluster object while configuring probe port.

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SQL SERVER – Always On AG – HADRAG: Did not Find the Instance to Connect in SqlInstToNodeMap Key

During my On Demand (50 Minutes) consultancy, I solve the issue which seems quick to my client. SQL not starting, AlwaysOn not failing over, Cluster not working are few of quick things where my clients engage me. In this blog, I would share a situation where Always On Availability Group was not coming online due to error – Did not find the instance to connect in SqlInstToNodeMap key.

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SQL SERVER – Event ID: 1135 – Cluster node ‘NodeName’ was Removed From the Active Failover Cluster Membership

When I work with customers, there are situations when I get chance to learn something from them. I was engaged with an AlwaysOn availability group engagement and got some interesting information from a customer which I am sharing here. In this blog, we would learn about how to solve event id 1135 – Cluster node ‘NodeName’ was removed from the active failover cluster membership.

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