SQL SERVER – Getting Started with Accelerated Database Recovery – Instant Rollback

There are many reasons to envy my job as SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert Consultant but the most important reason is that I get to work on quite often the latest version of SQL Server. Just the other day I had an early adopter customer who was using SQL Server 2019 for their environment and they wanted me to help them with the new feature of Accelerated Database Recovery.

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SQL SERVER – Get Last Known Actual Execution Plan for a Previously Cached Query Plan

This feature works with SQL Server 2019 and onwards. If you are using an earlier version of SQL Server this feature will not work and will give you an error. One of the most common questions I receive during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is how to get the last known actual execution plan for a previously cached query plan.

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SQL SERVER – Identify the column(s) responsible for “String or binary data would be truncated.”

I am happy to write this blog post as I am really happy that finally, SQL Server Engineering team has decided to fix the error which we all have been struggling for many years. I will say Since the year 2000, I have been working with SQL Server and it has always bothered me that every time when I try to insert data into my table which is larger than the data type of the column, I got an annoying error String or binary data would be truncated. I recently demonstrated this to my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

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SQL SERVER – New Way to Use DBCC Page in SQL Server 2019

As soon as a new version of SQL Server is announced, I always try to find new things and update my old post with new information or write a new post. In this blog, we would learn about new function introduced in SQL Server 2019 which is a partial replacement of DBCC PAGE.
If you have not heard about the capability of DBCC PAGE then you can look at my earlier blog on the same topic. SQL SERVER – Identifying Page Types

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