SQL SERVER – AlwaysOn Automatic Seeding – Database Stuck in Restoring State

As a part of my consulting, I observed that there is a lot of interest in using AlwaysOn availability group. I have deployed many AlwaysOn solutions from start-to-finish. Recently I encountered an issue and in this blog, we would discuss reason of an availability database to stay in restoring mode even after using automatic seeding.

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SQL SERVER – Fix Error – Restore Operation Failed for Database Due to Insufficient Memory in the Resource Pool ‘Default’

Recently I faced a strange error related to SQL Server, during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. The error indeed surprised me because as I have been doing performance tuning consulting for over 10 years, this is the first time I walked into this error. Let us see how we fixed the error related to insufficient memory. 

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SQL SERVER – Unable to Restore from URL – The Specified URL Points to a Block Blob. Backup and Restore Operations on Block Blobs are not Permitted

With Microsoft Azure pitching in the market, I am getting few clients who want me to assist them for errors related to Azure as well. As a part of growth, I do learn them and try to help the clients. Let us learn about Block Blobs in this blog post. 

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