SQL SERVER – Unable to Remove Replication Publication – Could not Delete the Subscription at Subscriber ‘SubServer’ in Database ‘SubDB’

While playing with my lab server having broken replication, I encountered an error message when I was trying to remove publication. In this blog, we would learn about how to fix error Could not delete the subscription at Subscriber ‘SubServer’ in database ‘SubDB’.

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SQL SERVER – Upgrade Error – Upgrading Subscription Settings and System Objects in Database [DBName].

There are many causes of SQL server patching failure. Looking at right log and finding the right cause is the key to solve it in time. In this blog, we would learn about an upgrade error which comes during “Upgrading subscription settings and system objects in database.”

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SQL Authority News – Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours 2018/4/4 – Fun Experience

It was my pleasure and honor that I was invited to the Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours. During the office hours, we received quite a few interesting questions, some were very complicated and some were super fun. However, the best part of attending the office hours was the company. I was fortunate to have Brent, Richie, and Tara along with me in this office hours. Please note that the questions which we discussed during the session were asked live.

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SQL SERVER – Upgrade Error – ALTER DATABASE Statement Not Allowed Within Multi-statement Transaction

Most of the time applying service pack for SQL Server is a child’s play. Double click on exe, keep hitting next, next and finally press update. But when it fails, you would need an expert to fix the issue. Recently, one of my clients faced a problem while installing SQL Server 2014 Sp2. The Service Pack error failed at the final stage. And now the SQL Server services were not starting. This issue can have various variations where SQL Services doesn’t start after patching. Few on my earlier blogs on the same topic are listed below. Let us learn about ALTER DATABASE Statement Not Allowed Within Multi-statement Transaction.

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Avoiding Database Downtime via Replication – SharePlex

The scariest word for any DBA is – Database Downtime. Every DBA who is going off duty for the day or going away on vacation for a month is always worried about Database Downtime. I totally sympathize with everyone who is constantly worried about their database’s downtime. In the real world, we all know when our database does down, it means that our business is stopped. There is no other analogy we can give.

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SQL SERVER – FIX: The Log for Database Cannot be Shrunk Until All Secondaries Have Moved Past the Point Where the Log was Added

While preparing for a demo for a client I was hit with an interesting error in AlwaysOn Availability Group backup and restore scenario. In my lab setup, I had four nodes SQLAUTH1 to SQLAUTH4 and I have always on high availability turned on SQL Server 2016. I played and did several operations with database and found that I have bloated the transaction log file to 100 GB. And now I need to shrink the transaction log on SQLAUTH1. As soon as I did that, I was welcomed with below message about database cannot be shrunk until all secondaries have moved past the point.

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