SQL SERVER – Msg 3743: The Database is Enabled for Database Mirroring. Database Mirroring Must be Removed Before you Drop the Database

One of my clients contacted me for quick assistance. They had database mirroring configured for a database. Due to some unknown issue their database mirroring went for a toss. Their end goal was to drop the database so that they can configure database mirroring again. They already had a backup of the database already taken before the issue.  So far things were looking simple and all they wanted was to drop the database. 

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SQL SERVER – Database Mirroring Login Attempt Failed With Error: ‘Connection Handshake Failed. There is No Compatible Encryption Algorithm. State 22

One of my client was trying to convert database mirroring to the AlwaysOn availability group. They had a mirroring configure where the principal server was going to become a primary replica. When they attempted to join the AG, it was failing with an error. The error messages we were getting in the wizard are not helpful. I went ahead and looked into SQL Server ERRORLOG and found below the messages

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SQL SERVER – Mirroring Error: Connection handshake failed. Could not send a handshake message because the connection was closed by peer. State 26

Here is another blog based on client’s interaction via Skype. They informed me that they are trying to execute the command ALTER DATABASE SET PARTNER while attempting to set up mirroring between two servers, we see the following mirroring error recorded in the secondary error log:

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SQL SERVER – FIX : Msg 35295, Level 16 – Log Backup For Database ‘DBName’ on a Secondary Replica Failed

Once, while doing a load testing with my client, I was shown below error while taking log backups on secondary replica.

Msg 35295, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Log backup for database “MyAppDB” on a secondary replica failed because the last backup LSN (0x0016ff11:00032258:0001) from the primary database is greater than the current local redo LSN (0x0016ffec:0006ee28:0001). No log records need to be backed up at this time. Retry the log-backup operation later.
Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
BACKUP LOG is terminating abnormally.

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