SQL SERVER – NuoDB in Sixty Seconds – SQL in Sixty Seconds #053

Earlier this week, I have done five part blog series on NuoDB and it was very well received by audience. NuoDB is an elastically scalable SQL database that can run on local host, datacenter and cloud-based resources. t is an operational NewSQL database built on a patented emergent architecture with full support for SQL and ACID…
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SQL SERVER – Puzzle SET ANSI_NULLS and Resultset – SQL in Sixty Seconds #052

Earlier I have posted a puzzle where I was receiving different results when I executed two different queries. I encourage all of you to read the original puzzle here, the puzzle had received many fantastic responses and I have later blogged about the solution of the puzzle over here. Now I…
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SQL SERVER – RESEED Identity Column in Database Table – Rest Table Identity Value – SQL in Sixty Seconds #051

This is the 51th episode of SQL in Sixty Seconds Video and we will see in this episode how to RESEED identity of the table column. Identity column is every increasing (or decreasing) value based on the interval specified in its property. In today’s SQL in Sixty Seconds video we…
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SQL SERVER – Identity Fields Review – The SQL Query Techniques Tutorial for SQL Server 2012

In this blog post we are going to learn about Identity Fields Review.

Why buy this Book: The beta of this book actually existed for a year and was tested and used in my classroom. Its purpose back then was to help the students do the steps individually that led to the skills where they could all pass the Microsoft test. It worked and then many went out for their SQL interview. They did good enough to get the job, but they told me about one or two questions they were not able to answer. A year of collecting this data and turning them into lessons doubled the size of this book of 300 pages to 600 pages. This book is designed to make the query question and query skills in the professional work must seem easier. Let us learn about Identity Fields Review.

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SQL SERVER – Tips from the Development Series – Overriding Identity Fields – Day 9 of 35

In this blog post we are going to discuss about Overriding Identity Fields. For students new to the database world, it helps to begin thinking about ID fields in the context of larger organizations with lots of activity. A customer service department has a constant flow of activity and many representatives are entering data in the system simultaneously. The same is true for large billing departments. These are examples where an identity field helps to ensure the entities you care about get tracked properly. A CustomerID value that is automatically generated with each new record makes sure each new customer gets a unique number – even if you have many reps all entering data at the same time.

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