SQL SERVER – Unable to Bring SQL Cluster Resource Online – Online Pending and then Failed

Here is the situation which my client explained and I was asked for help about SQL Cluster Resource.

Hi Pinal,
We are having 2 node windows cluster having 3 SQL Server instances clustered running on Windows 2012 R2 on VMware. We have one instance that will start from the services.msc but not from the Failover Cluster Manager when attempting to bring the service online. In reality the services start because during the ‘Online pending’ I am able to connect and query the databases on that instance, although it is in the ‘Online pending’ state.

Do you know what could be the problem?

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SQL SERVER – Planned and Unplanned Availablity Group Failovers – Notes from the Field #031

[Note from Pinal]: This is a new episode of Notes from the Fields series. AlwaysOn is a very complex subject and not everyone knows many things about this. The matter of the fact is there is very little information available on this subject online and not everyone knows everything about this. This is why when a very common question related to AlwaysOn comes, people get confused. Let us learn about Planned and Unplanned Availablity Group Failovers.

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SQL SERVER – Get High Availability with SQL Server 2012

The SQL Server 2012 offers a plethora of solutions for high-availability that assures 99.999% server and database Availability. These solutions enhance database and server availability, hide the failures of software or hardware and maintain application availability to curtail user downtime. It simplifies management and deployment of high availability systems with incorporated monitoring and configuration tools. It also enhances performance and cost efficiency of IT utilizing up to four Active Secondary. An SQL Server 2012 High Availability course helps you develop capabilities that contribute in taking your career to new horizons. Some of the key capabilities are utilizing standby hardware to the fullest, implementing disaster recovery and high availability and raising the total application uptime significantly.

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