SQL SERVER – Find Most Expensive Queries Using DMV

The title of this post is what I can express here for this quick blog post. I was asked in recent query tuning consultation project, if I can share my script which I use to figure out which is the most expensive queries are running on SQL Server. This script is very basic and very simple, there are many different versions are available online. This basic script does do the job which I expect to do – find out the most expensive queries in SQL Server Box.

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SQL SERVER – Interesting Observation of DMV of Active Transactions and DMV of Current Transactions

This post is about a riveting observation I made a few days back. While playing with transactions I came across two DMVs  that are associated with Transactions. 1) sys.dm_tran_active_transactions – Returns information about transactions for the instance of SQL Server. 2) sys.dm_tran_current_transaction – Returns a single row that displays the…
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