SQL SERVER – FIX : Msg 8115, Level 16, Arithmetic Overflow Error Converting IDENTITY to Data Type INT

One of my friends who is a SharePoint expert told that he is getting overflow error while doing check-in on the document. He was confident that the error is related to SQL and that’s why he contacted me. I used profiler and found the table which had the problem and fixed that as well. This blog is an outcome of that work done. Let us see the error related to Arithmetic Overflow Error.

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SQL SERVER 2016 – InMemory OLTP LOB Datatype Enhancement

My exploration with SQL Server 2016 features are just continuing and I am delighted every other day to figure out something new been added to the capabilities which in the opinion were of limited capacity in the prior versions of SQL Server. I will spare the ranting exercise for now but will look at some of the things that caught my attention in my recent exploration with SQL Server InMemory OLTP enhancements.

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SQL SERVER to Oracle Numeric Datatype Mapping

Getting into a consulting business has its own set of challenges that I cherish big time. Recently I was consulted by a product team that had some of the best guys in the market. I was surprised why they might need my services. But I had an open mind to go through what they were doing. They were migrating their current application that was running fine in Oracle to SQL Server. My first thought was – “Wow”. Currently enterprises and organizations do think of SQL Server as a viable, competent alternative when it comes to database choice.

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